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The Thespian
this is going to be part of a gif i’m making lololol
I drew a Balz (no t good byt i felt as if i shoud post things to confirm that im alive)
Oops I accidentally E/R. Just a quick kiss.
SO, movie-verse Enjolras and Grantaire… sorry that E’s nose and lips sort of just… uh. And sorry everyone who followed for bandom lol.

bitchesgetstitch3s-deactivated2 said: Your Emptiness artwork is so damn good.

Thank you, I’m really glad you enjoy it c:


redrum-beware-deactivated201304 said: You are definitely one of my favorite blogs!<3

Wow I smiled so hard when I got this you don’t even know, thank you so much <3

This didn&#8217;t come out quite as planned, I&#8217;m going to redo Shawn&#8217;s face in a bit, it&#8217;s wayyy not up to par with the other drawings I&#8217;ve done so far
The Emptiness belongs to Alesana
My quick sketches of Shawn Milke, pretty much from The Emptiness era
Because the Alesana fans have quite a few artists, but none really did digital art so I figured
why the hell not
Posting all my art&#8230; this is Curse of The Virgin Canvas, the better edit. I wasn&#8217;t too satisfied with the full picture, but this I liked.
~The Emptiness and most ideas relating to it belong to Alesana, I’m just illustrating it.
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